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Certainteed Landmark Premium Max Def Pewter. 50yr.


This local Charlotte, NC home, clearly displays the cool shadowing and characterizes of 50-year CertainTeed Landmark Premium Max Def Pewter shingles. The Landmark Premium provides exceptional durability and lasting beauty to the curb appeal of your home. Crafted with Max Def colors for added dimension to the surface granules, the Landmark Premium is engineered to protect your home better than ordinary roofing. It also comes with a transferable warranty.


This Charlotte home is one of the many current projects handled in the Charlotte, Concord, and Mt Holly area by Zimmerman Enterprises. For quality home protection at a reasonable price, contact Mark Zimmerman today.


Atlas Pinnacle HP Heather Blend – 30yr


On this local Metrolina home, we installed Atlas Pinnacle HP Heather Blend, 30-yr shingles.


This shingle is based on the Atlas SBS modified unit that incorporates asphalt fiberglass shingles into a proven technology for long life and quality looks. The SBS system introduces a beautiful line of designer shingle shapes and colors.


For more information on this three-part specification, contact Mark Zimmerman today.


Project One


In this local Charlotte, NC home, the 3-D appearance of Architectural Shingles creates a distinctive shadowed effect that offsets the raised center-roof. In the vicinity of the Charlotte area, residents express great satisfaction with the long-lasting value of installed, 50-year Architectural Shingles. This is quality home protection at a reasonable price. For further information, view our roof types report.


Project Two


Notice the tubular skylight that we installed in the above Charlotte, NC home. This simple but elegant addition added much needed light in the bathroom. The wife loves it.


Should My Roof Replacement Project Include a New Skylight


With the rising concern over the cost of energy, skylights have become a great supplemental home lighting resource. Skylights, often called roof windows, come in three basic types: fixed, ventilating, and tubular. Each type helps bring free light into the dark areas of your home.


Fixed skylights, once installed do not open to permit any form of airflow. These are the most common and popular type of skylights. They are designed to provide a free light source and often work well in stairwells and attics.


Ventilating skylights function as overhead windows. By utilizing electronic or even manual controls, ventilating skylights can provide airflow as well as incoming light. They work well in kitchens and bathrooms or any other area that can benefit from a system that helps remove excessive moisture from within the home.


Tubular skylights, fairly new on the market, are designed for small rooms such as closets, baths, and hallways. Normally sized between ten to fourteen inches in diameter, tubular skylights are excellent for decreasing energy costs by eliminating the daytime need for extra electrical lighting.


Skylight Roof Installation


Installing a skylight involves much more than making a hole in the roof. The installers must examine the basic construction of the roof and the home. They must also study the effects of permitting sunlight into a given room. Location is dependant upon walls, rafters, and the daily path of the overhead sun. Accurate planning is critical to the proper installation of a skylight.


The standard home skylight can be installed in a single day. However, some custom skylights, such as those used in government and business buildings, can be very large in size. At times, the roofers must construct a temporary roof doghouse to protect the interior of the building during the installation process.


Supplemental Lighting


Skylights are supplemental lighting. They extend the overall lighting within a given area. They enable homeowners to conserve on the cost of electrical lighting. They also improve the decor and the atmosphere of a room. On non-cloudy days, they may actually function as the standalone source for interior lighting.


If you are in the process of replacing your current roof, installing a new roof on a new home, or correcting a limited area of damaged roofing, consider the advantages of having your roofer include a new skylight in the cost of the project package. For further information, contact Mark Zimmerman. He is your roofing specialist.


Project Three


The owner of this stylish Charlotte home chose an architectural design with colors that enhance the existing brick siding. The lovely earth-colors create a warm blend into the soft overhang of the trees. Here at Zimmerman Enterprises, we strive to help homeowners come up with colors and styles that reflect more than just a roofing job.


Project Four


By adding a richer mixture of surface granules, Landmark CertainTeed Premium Lifetime Shingles enhance a home with a brighter, vibrant, and more vivid shift in dimension. We upgraded this storm damaged home in Gastonia with the Max Definition Weathered Wood look. The contrast in texture of the roofing materials with the existing shapes and designs of the home create a sense of natural beauty that moved our roofing team to stand back, snap a photo, and take it home for show-and-tell with friends and and family.


Project Five

Why Architectural Shingles Work Well With Tri-level Homes


This beautiful tri-level home rests on a grassy knoll in the Charlotte, N.C. area. The owner of this home opted to have us install Architectural shingles. This common roofing product provides extended home protection. Made beautiful by a distinguished cobblestone-like appearance, Architectural shingles are somehow able to come across with a unique touch that seems custom crafted to match ever home on which we install them.


What is a Tri-level Home


A tri-level home consists of three floor levels: a basement, main floor, and a second story. Split-level homes incorporate a style wherein the floor level of the second story begins somewhere around half way up between the floor and the ceiling of the main floor of the home.


Staggered levels and multiple staircase runs characterize the typical split-level home. They also tend to have low-pitched roofs, deep eaves, and L-shaped or rectangular floor plans. They utilize an open interior layout, and the garages are usually integrated into the lower body of the home.


Split-level homes were exceptionally popular in the 1950s to the 1970s. Noted as a compromise between the modest design of a bungalow and the land consuming expansive of a ranch house, modern split-level homes are considered prime candidates for renovations. Some variations of the split-level home include a split entry where the entryway opens directly upon two staircases, one leading up into the primary living area and the other leading down into the basement and additional bedrooms.


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